The Hosefonium

Like many other trumpet players, I have trouble finding time to practice. I used to carry around my mouthpiece and buzz on it while driving in the car. But it's just not the same because the mouthpiece alone doesn't provide any backpressure nor does it have any of the harmonic overtones you get when blowing through a trumpet. Besides, all that spit, er, condensed water vapor, gets all over your hands!

Sound familiar?  Well, your troubles are over!  The HosefoniumTM  is designed to be used in a variety of situations to help you maintain your chops under the most difficult of situations. 

Costructed with high-quality materials, the HosefoniumTM  is virtually indestructable.  The plastic tubing is personally selected for it's superior tonal qualities.  The bell is constructed from the model 445400258 (yellow) funnel from the automotive department, having excellent brilliance. 

You can toss the bell on the floor or in the back seat and play away while driving.  Lip slurs, pedal tones, and long tones build muscle and endurance.  The HosefoniumTM  is durable and affordable.  And best of all, no more messy hands!   It's a real hoot!

The unit comes with a "Leslie" adapter, which can add a beautiful chorale or tremelo feature.  The adapter (piece of tape) is placed about 2 feet from the end of the bell.  In operation, simply grab the hose at the tape mark and swing it over your head as you play.  I call it the "Whirlitzer!"  But be aware that this is also the spit valve.  You may have heard of the "Tower of Power" horns?  Well, I call this the "Shower of Power" horn!  On a good night, you can spray a 20' radius!

For a quick demonstration of the beautiful music made possible with the instrument, click here.

To order your Hosefonium, send $29.95 to:

Robin Church
1840 Municipal Drive
Lancaster, PA 17601

Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping.  Mouthpiece sold separately.