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L. A. Music Machine



How can one guy sound like an entire band? 
Using synthesizers and high-tech software, Robin painstakingly records each instrument separately. 
These tastefully crafted sequences can be played in concert, along with live instrumentation to produce
an unbelievable BIG sound! 

Hundreds of sequenced tunes help provide consistent excitement in a variety of


 styles, including:



Cool Jazz

Rock 'n Roll

Big-Band Swing

Contemporary Christian


A huge repertoire enables the L.A. Music Machine to custom-tailor each performance to fit your individual needs, while keeping your costs to a minimum.

To inquire about a date or to get more information, contact Robin at 717-892-2078, or by email: lajazzcatz@hotmail.com.

Let the L.A. Music Machine provide the musical excitement for YOUR special event!