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L. A. Jazz Catz


The L.A. Jazz Catz are a group of extremely talented jazz musicians that play for weddings, private parties, nightclubs, and concerts. And, coincidentally, we're all from L.A.(Lancaster Area)!!!   The group can be configured from as few as 3 to as many as 9 musicians, including male and female vocalists, pianists, guitarists, and various horn players. An extensive repertoire allows the L.A. Jazz Catz to deliver everything from soothing dinner music to straight ahead jazz standards, ballads, and Be-Bop. Innovative arrangements, tight grooves, and expressive soloists are sure to please every audience!


A Few of the Catz!

Piano Tom Pontz
Ben Ninnman
Mark Huber
Jim Trostle
Organ Ben Ninnman

Mark Ryan
James Easton
Tom Witmer

Bass Dave Sheaffer
Bruce Campbell
Don Hall
Skip Moyer

Tony DeAngelis
Clyde Lucas
Dave Santana
Aaron Walker
Chris Santiago


Robin Church - trumpet
Jerry Swalla - reeds
Dave Wilson - reeds
Ken McCoy - reeds

Vocalists Jerry Swalla
Ben Ninnman
Robin Church
Michelle Leigh


For Booking information, contact Robin at 717-892-2078, or by email: lajazzcatz@hotmail.com

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